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Why Managed Hosting by 1-800-HOSTING

How about highly managed hosting solutions backed by Total Support and delivered by a team of Web Hosting Experts who manage some of the busiest websites on the Web. It’s feature rich, secure, scalable, on-demand managed hosting solutions from a pioneer in the web hosting industry. Powered by next-generation hardware and software, 1-800-HOSTING provides capacity on demand and perfectly aligns your infrastructure to your business needs. All backed by our promise to you.

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It's an honest and caring attitude combined with a complete understanding of what's really important to you and your Managed Hosting needs. We spend as much time training on how to treat our clients as we do on technical web hosting issues. We are well aware that one lousy experience might be all it takes for you to expect that same level of service from every person here. It's human nature and we live it everyday. When was the last time you spoke with an authentic, caring individual who actually took a sincere interest in your problem? We take pride in our personal approach and also understand how automation can potentially offset personal service. Sure we use automation too but there is no substitute for a real person. We're not perfect but we are human and we know how we would like to be treated. Check out our Managed Servers, Dedicated Servers and Cloud Computing solutions and Empower your Presence.

It's serious because effective communication is one of the most critical aspects of what we do. Would you prefer to wait around for a promised callback and never get it or would you rather have a friendly person call you at the moment they promised they would? Would you rather receive a "your managed server is fixed" email when things are resolved or would you rather have someone call, explain the situation in detail, answer all of your questions and leave you with a sense of confidence and understanding of what just happened? These are just a few reasons why proactive communication is so important to us and why we will continue to push the envelope when it comes to treating you right every time. By providing proactive communication at all times, you're never left wondering.

Rather than trying to push whatever dedicated server works best for us, we work closely with you and your team to identify what managed hosting solution works best for you. This translates into a mission critical web presence that easily out hustles your competition in numerous ways. Taking an interest in your business model, mission and vision for the future allows us to help architect the perfect hosting solution which carefully balances your objectives with those of your current and prospective clients. We’ve helped countless clients to get their web presence back on track by addressing issues such as lousy development, inadequate or poorly configured hardware or software, repeated security breaches or even a general lack of knowledge. We make an impact and always go above and beyond to make you happy.